Something New, Though Quite Accidental, in the Little Owl Tree

I should say likely accidental, and as we all know now, the creator/s of the Firefly Forest are no longer in the area according to local media reports, but I can still occasionally make my way (still recovering from surgery) to some of my favorite spots on the trail. All that remains of the original doors is the Little Owl door, and it now has an amazing bit of fall beauty (if one counts fungal flowerings as lovely, and I do) right inside the door! Time passes, all things change. I miss the houses, the doors, and the creativity of the person/people who were responsible for them. I’ve also seen a few interesting additions from others, which I may add as I am able. But as the Little Owl door is a very special door indeed, I wanted to post the pictures of what is going on inside of it:


There are some lovely flowerings all over of this sort, some bright orange (or were, before the rains came), some white and like sand dollars. I have refrained from posting of the forest as this blog was dedicated to the Firefly Forest project itself, but I may add a bit more of just the trail as time goes by (and I’m able to adequately walk it again!). If you see anything along the way and snap a photo, please feel free to send it on over or post it in the comments!

And thanks again to the makers of this door, a most beautiful gesture and a beautiful project overall. I do hope that wherever you are now, you are bringing smiles to all around you, whether through fairy houses or what you do in your lives. You are gone, but never forgotten.

–The Watcher


A Very Special Firefly Forest Wedding!

As was revealed the first week of the existence of the Firefly Forest, the names of the inhabitants of 64 and 51 Hollow Tree Lane, are Miss M. and R.T. They exchanged lovely notes of welcome to the neighborhood almost a year ago, when the houses first appeared. Apparently, this budding friendship turned romantic, and has finally culminated in a wedding at the glade (across from 64 Hollow Tree Lane by the Little Owl Tree) in the Firefly Forest this past Sunday! Here are some photographs of this special event, and hopes of a happy marriage for Miss M. and R.T!



More Firefly Festival Fun!

It was another special day in the Firefly Forest today, and I urge any and everyone who loves the Firefly Forest to go take a look! This is the “Festival” area, located between 64 Hollow Tree Lane and the Little Owl Tree (in other words, the purple door tree between Antioch and Switzer, closer to the Switzer side). To reach this part of the forest, the best parking is either at the lot at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead or the lot at 137th and Antioch Road. This particular site is closer to the Deanna Rose/Switzer side.

Take a look here! There are some new baked goods, a new sign and some new decor at this spot now, and all just as enchanting as the rest!






I have a feeling that this is going to be a very special Summer in the Firefly Forest, and it’s a great time of year to hit the trail!