The Magic Never Left! (How Could It?) Update:

Firefly Forest 2015 is a subtle reminder, so far, that the original was loved, appreciated and is dearly missed. But those subtle tributes keep popping up, along with not so subtle tributes such as the new doors on the former trees. No elaborate houses, fully decorated, or notes from one to another, but a dash of magic touches and tributes from fans of the original. I’m assuming, that is; if anything huge pops up tomorrow, I’ll be sure to include it! As of today:



I’ll Keep Updating….

Makeshift SignMore is definitely popping up. I have not

included some of the smaller homes I will include the smaller homes that I had previously not been posting, though currently out of town and on crutches for quite some time. Everyone who is adding to the woods I have loved since I was 17 is important. Everyone adding their own bits of magic are important. Each of the new homes put up has a story and someone keeping it up. Any effort to bring some magic, some hope, some love to this community deserves recognition. I’ve seen media coverage more recently that shows the Little Owl Door only–which is a stone’s throw from another door more recently put up by someone else. This person, and many others, had gone through a bit of trouble to help bring back the magic.

While I love the coverage of The Little Owl door and The Gnomist, I also love the efforts of so many people working on their own projects out there! After all, when Robyn left, she left messages to this effect! “Who will you inspire?” “What will you create?” Well, that’s exactly what people are trying to do! So I am posting as much as possible, because had Robyn not wanted that to be part of her story and the story of the Firefly Forest, I doubt she’d have left those messages inspiring others to create more magic here!

Whoever has had to retrieve one home and reattach it multiple times (as has happened multiple times to the door with the red roof, below), they are dedicated also.  All are welcome here, bring your magic. Bring your hope, healing stories, bring your love. Bring more beautiful homes and doors. This is for everyone.