The Firefly Forest is No More (at least as of today…)

After reading a comment here on my blog, I grabbed my cane (recent hip surgery) and headed out to see if it was true, if all of the houses and doors were in fact gone. I must report, with great regret and sadness, that all but the Little Owl Door are gone. Everything has been removed, and replaced with the silver stars that have shown up recently, all bearing inspirational messages much like those from the former sites. I am trying to see the inspiration, thinking perhaps a passing of the torch–or simply the end of a beautiful project?–but am as saddened by this presently as the rest of the people I met today on the trail, all wondering what had happened.

Here are the former sites as they were today:

The site of 12 Hollow Tree Lane:Image

ImageWhat remains at 51 Hollow Tree lane, below the star left hanging above where the house was.

Star at 51 Hollow Tree Lane

Star at 51 Hollow Tree Lane


Star at 64 Hollow Tree Lane

Star at 64 Hollow Tree Lane


ImageThe former site of 64 Hollow Tree Lane, the purple door tree with the “message board”.

The star message at the former "Blue Roof" house.

The star message at the former “Blue Roof” house.


What remains at the site of the Red Door, behind Deanna Rose.

What remains at the site of the Red Door, behind Deanna Rose.

The former site of the "Bamboo House".

The former site of the “Bamboo House”.


Where the "Stick House" was, with the hammock, behind Deanna Rose.

Where the “Stick House” was, with the hammock, behind Deanna Rose.

Apologies for the formatting of this post, WordPress is a bit twitchy today.

I guess we can all be thankful that something beautiful happened, even for a short time, here in Overland Park. It was a beauty to watch, and I hope that all of the kids never stop searching for those woodland creatures; keep dreaming, keep trying to catch a glimpse. The fireflies are still out there, tonight.


Attention, Friends of The Firefly Forest:


There are a rather determined few individuals, or perhaps just one, who continue to vandalize these beautiful sites. Please be on the lookout for anyone who is damaging the sites, or any talk you may hear. The sign above was posted a few months back, and I’m reposting it here again.

The lovely tree with the red door has been vandalized yet again, the door ripped off and much of the surrounding decorations broken and stolen. This has been happening off and on since shortly after the homes and doors appeared, and is usually repaired quickly, but it is upsetting that anyone would want to damage these lovely creations that so many are taking such pleasure in walking to see. It’s especially upsetting as so many young children take such delight in visiting these sites in hopes of discovering the creatures who inhabit them, only to arrive and find them in such disarray.

Here is the Red Door Home, which is behind Deanna Rose and St. Andrew’s golf course west of Switzer on the trail, as of today: RedDoorRippedOff6/5

Please keep a lookout, and call the appropriate authorities if you have any tips. As I am merely the Watcher and not affiliated with the trail itself or the Firefly Forest, I would suggest (until I get further information) using the contact numbers on the Overland Park Parks & Recreation site here.

Thank You!