Trailer for Firefly Forest Film at Tribeca!

From here:

Produced by Liese and Oscar winner Cynthia Wade and shot by Ty Jones, “The Gnomist” follows three women a journey deep into the woods of Overland Park. The documentary short — shot more cinematically, however — is slated to world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Here’s the official synopsis, and a TOH! exclusive trailer below:

“In Spring 2013, Firefly Forest was founded when beautifully crafted fairy homes and doors custom-built to fit the hollows of trees mysteriously popped up on a heavily wooded walking trail. No one knew who was responsible for making the intricately detailed world, but more and more homes appeared overnight as if by magic. The community even changed with the seasons. People began leaving notes for the fairies, often disclosing their deepest struggles and greatest hopes, and they were surprised to find the fairies responded to them. In the isolating world of suburbia, three women find themselves in this enchanted forest in search of something: an escape from a disturbing divorce; a respite from a devastating injury; and a connection to a child who was taken too soon. As the characters find solace among the gnome homes, a force beyond their control threatens the hallowed area. The characters’ serendipitous connections to each other lay open the vulnerable human condition and offer an uplifting message – that in spite of the tragedies whirling around us, we can walk through anything when we embrace magic.”

See the trailer here or at above link, I cannot manage to get WordPress to embed.

The Gnomist