Little Windchimes for a Little Owl


Little Windchimes for a Little Owl


Lost and Found in Firefly Forest

As the Watcher, I try not to give my opinion here, just try to share the anonymous work of the creator/s of this wonderful project with the world. I try to not even attach my own names to these creations, just share. However, this beautiful little book that appeared with the Firefly Festival site this past week is not just a decoration or prop, it is an actual book containing a beautiful original poem that moved me to tears. Therefore, I am not sharing my reading of it here, but I feel that I would be remiss in documenting this amazing project we all know as Firefly Forest without sharing the moving poem inside for those who haven’t had a chance to see it first hand:

Lost and Found in Firefly Forest


In the midst of a busy city

lives a small forest

that’s charming and pretty.

There’s more to this Forest

than some choose to see.

This magical place 

can set your heart free.

Those who feel lost, forgotten or down

will find in this Forest

there is love all around.

Beyond the veil of Fireflies

lies the power

to dry your eyes.

Though unseen to the untrained eye

they linger among you

Whispering sweet lullabies.

To heal the hurts

and lingering pains

that drag us down

with guilt and shame.

You’ve not been forgotten

is what they will say.

We love you.

We’ll lift you.

You’ll find your way.

You’re stronger

than you think you are.

You’re not alone.

We’ll never be far.

What you need

is what you’ll find

among the ferns

and Fireflies.

Once you have felt of their 

Kindness and grace,

take it with you

when you leave this place.

Share it with others

in the big world out there.

Reach out to someone,

Show them you care.

Share of yourself

and let them all see

the Power of Kindness

Just as the Fireflies have done for me.


(Woodland Press 2014)


We are all lucky to live in a world in which someone has decided to give so much of their self or selves just to share the simple idea that sharing kindness with others is a good thing, an inspiring and beautiful thing, and to continue to do it in such a charming and graceful way. 

Thank you, thank you so much to the creator/s of such an uplifting and amazing work of beauty. You have given of yourself, in the guise of the Fireflies, and shown the residents of my city (and hopefully beyond) that there is value in kindness, in the power of uplifting spirits. In the seemingly impossible task of giving people hope.

Thank you for giving people this hope. Thank you for bringing beauty to the world. Thank you for healing so many hearts. For uplifting so many spirits. For sharing love, not spite. Caring, not indifference. Hope, instead of doubt. I hope that your life/lives are forever graced with the loveliness you have bestowed upon your community, and that the kindnesses you have shared flow back into your lives forever more.

Thank you for the Firefly Forest.

(Note on the text, I tried to just type it as it appears on each page without adding punctuation of my own.)


Late Throwback Thursday: Flood!!! 2013


Late Throwback Thursday: Flood!!! 2013

About this time last year, we had some massive flooding (pre-Firefly Forest) hit Tomahawk Creek. This is the actual trail, complete with confused giant catfish. The whole family had an interesting time putting on our rain boots and carrying buckets to return this and the many other fish back to Tomahawk Creek. The fish in the picture was about a foot long!