Little House in the Oak Grove


Close to Antioch. Pictures taken before surgery, I hope it’s still there!  

A few more shots sent to me by a fellow watcher:



Two Newer Homes I’d Left Out

Apologies to those who made these homes that I did not include them, and keep maintaining them. I have realized, especially now that I’ll be on crutches for rather a long time, that these woods have been sacred to me, and must be to many others, since the first time I was in them as a teenager. This very stretch. It can never become less than magical, nor can broader media coverage limit it. As the beautiful period here known as the Firefly Forest is now well documented elsewhere, others can enjoy seeing that part of the story while also enjoying the ongoing, and sometimes prior, story of this lovely trail here. I had added a link to photographs when I started this blog, and welcome any other pictures anyone would be willing to send.

I will continue to post the magic, as well as the mundane here for all to enjoy, at least as I am able and as fellow watchers continue to update me. All trail and forest lovers are welcome here, so make yourselves at home, sit back and enjoy the woods.


“I’m inviting everyone……I believe in innocence, little darling, start again, I believe in everyone.

I believe, regardless, I believe in everyone.” -Joanna Newsom

I, too, believe in everyone. Everyone.

–The Watcher

Location of Firefly Forest

I hope the Overland Park Parks and Rec. Dept. doesn’t mind my borrowing their map, I wanted to add the exact location of the segment of Tomahawk Creek Trail that is home to the Firefly Forest. As I have noted previously (this post is now posted separately and able to be accessed from the home page menu), this trail is located between 137th and 138th streets west of Antioch, extending almost to Switzer and then west of Switzer extending behind the Deanna Rose Farmstead park. The segment on this map in red, surrounded by the black oval, encompasses the entire area of Firefly Forest:

Firefly Forest area in the black oval on the red trail line.

Firefly Forest area in the black oval on the red trail line.

A Very Special Firefly Forest Wedding!

As was revealed the first week of the existence of the Firefly Forest, the names of the inhabitants of 64 and 51 Hollow Tree Lane, are Miss M. and R.T. They exchanged lovely notes of welcome to the neighborhood almost a year ago, when the houses first appeared. Apparently, this budding friendship turned romantic, and has finally culminated in a wedding at the glade (across from 64 Hollow Tree Lane by the Little Owl Tree) in the Firefly Forest this past Sunday! Here are some photographs of this special event, and hopes of a happy marriage for Miss M. and R.T!



Attention, Friends of The Firefly Forest:


There are a rather determined few individuals, or perhaps just one, who continue to vandalize these beautiful sites. Please be on the lookout for anyone who is damaging the sites, or any talk you may hear. The sign above was posted a few months back, and I’m reposting it here again.

The lovely tree with the red door has been vandalized yet again, the door ripped off and much of the surrounding decorations broken and stolen. This has been happening off and on since shortly after the homes and doors appeared, and is usually repaired quickly, but it is upsetting that anyone would want to damage these lovely creations that so many are taking such pleasure in walking to see. It’s especially upsetting as so many young children take such delight in visiting these sites in hopes of discovering the creatures who inhabit them, only to arrive and find them in such disarray.

Here is the Red Door Home, which is behind Deanna Rose and St. Andrew’s golf course west of Switzer on the trail, as of today: RedDoorRippedOff6/5

Please keep a lookout, and call the appropriate authorities if you have any tips. As I am merely the Watcher and not affiliated with the trail itself or the Firefly Forest, I would suggest (until I get further information) using the contact numbers on the Overland Park Parks & Recreation site here.

Thank You!