About the Firefly Forest

2ndFairyHouseThis is my favorite walking path, a small slice of woodland nestled in an ever growing suburb. It has long been a place of beauty, but in the Summer of 2013 I noticed a small, purple door added to a hollow in a tree. A few months later, this tree had some additions–and another “fairy house” creation several yards away. Complete with notes to and from each “resident”! A sign also appeared, designating this as the “Firefly Forest”. Ever since, walkers, runners and cyclists on this trail in Overland Park, Kansas, have been delighted by anonymously (and very secretively!) created additions along the trail of these fairy homes, complete with messages of hope, love and encouragement.  While it is unknown who is behind all of the creations, they have inspired people, have gained local media attention, and even some in the national press. There are frequent new “residents” moving into Hollow Tree Lane, and a local fascination with this project that will hopefully continue to grow and delight residents along the trail. I have been taking pictures since the houses first appeared, and created this site (and a Flickr account to house more of the pictures) in honor of our anonymous forest patron, this person’s creativity and inspiring messages of hope that have brought so much joy to their community. Please stop by, leave a note or two here, and learn more about the Firefly Forest of Overland Park, Kansas, and enjoy the photos I will continue to add of this beautiful project! Even if you cannot walk the trail, let it inspire you from afar in so much as my small snapshots are able to convey it to the world. Thank you, and enjoy! (And please bear with me as this will remain under construction while I figure out how to build these sites!)


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