Send Hope (SOS)

I was all set to fly back and walk the trail for my September build hope tradition! I was back to two hours of walking a day! Back to crutches. They don’t have paved wooded trails here, and I caught a tree root and set myself back. By quite a bit. Finally heading for scans. 

If you’re reading this, please send some hope my way. I’ve lost all sense of it here after this accident. Can’t sleep through the pain, else I’d likely not be writing this. 


8 thoughts on “Send Hope (SOS)

  1. I love what you have done with the the firefly forest – which I only know through pictures but it is so inspiring. You will be on your legs before long. All this shall pass. You have so many admirers from a far – take hope from all of us.

    • Thank you! I did very little, and only after the project that was filmed had finished. It’s good to know people appreciate my little attempts! Thank you so much! September is a hard month for me, so last year I decided to use it to not have surgery, but put it off to try and help reinspire in the woods! I wanted to do it this year, despite not living there anymore. But I know this will pass, and I will make it back. Just need a bit of encouragement! Thank you for sharing it with me! May your September be a happy one!

      • I have only seen the pictures and the film and it is so wonderful and inspiring. You and your kids did such a wonderful job. You are amazing and have a lot of talent. You have given me hope and you also gave me a smile. I thought at first that it was little people doing this and that they lived in those little houses that you made. You are just awe inspiring and I am very happy you did that and I know you have put smiles on many peoples faces. I also believe that you have put hope in a lot of people and just a little hope goes a very long way and I believe you put not just a little hope but a lot of hope in people and a whole lot of smiles and happiness in the world. I want to thank you and my prayers are with you and yours. God bless and I believe that with the pictures that people took of the little houses there may be someone out there doing it again. Mega hugs. ❤

      • Thank you, I do hope they were for me as well as Robyn in the film who made the original houses. I just tried to carry on later, and continue to try to carry on best I can, at this point trying to walk unaided. But I’m still making messages of hope for people! I won’t give up!

  2. I’m new around here, found you & your sweet documenting of the magical woods via the movie.

    Please know I’m sending all the hope to you! (I’m on the West Coast myself.)

    • Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much it means that you thought to leave that comment for me! Be well, and take some hope to save up for a rainy day, apologies for the low quality, I’ve run rather low;)

  3. Ich wünschte ich könnte so viel positives und energie aus traurigen zeiten ziehen wie sie es tun. sie sind ein wundervoller Mensch! Bitte hören sie nie auf sie zu sein.

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