Found! In the Firefly Forest! 

Well, between two flights I ended up choosing one back to Kansas City, and drove straight to the Firefly Forest, my beautiful and beloved woods. I managed to even walk (limp? Lurch?) to both doors I’d made, so happy they’re still here! As night fell, I was greeted by lovely fireflies lighting my way, still thick through the woods. But I thought I’d share some new photos of the things I found today, as I nearly cried with joy at my brief stay getting to see my forever home, my favorite trail, and the additions of others who love it as well: 

The white at the bottom are just a fungus that grow like plates almost, a natural feature. Sometimes they are broken off by people, however. Please pardon the overjoyed selfie as I walked in, I was quite overcome with happiness. I’ve been unbearably homesick. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but I won’t miss a second of time I get to spend back here! I’m found again! 


2 thoughts on “Found! In the Firefly Forest! 

  1. I am planning to visit next week! (August 11th)! Some say there is nothing left here, but your post states differently! Is there anything here to see and enjoy!

    • I was only there briefly, I didn’t get to stay. There are a few things that have popped back up, but I’m an odd person in that I always find those woods magical, always have. I also wasn’t able to walk the full trail in my condition now, so there could be more!

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