Now I Must Say Goodbye to The Forest

I’d like to to thank everyone for visiting my blog here, and enjoying my digital scrapbook of all things related to these lovely woods, the Firefly Forest, and The Gnomist. Sadly, I’m between surgeries number 2 & 3 and my ability to get to the trail and make my way along it are now gone. I wish I could say goodbye, but….pathwoods

A sudden switch in jobs is causing a move across country, and as I won’t fully recover before moving, it is with great sadness that I must post that I will not likely even be able to see my trail again. I will continue to post what people send, perhaps find new woods to chronicle (of course I will, I’m rarely out of the woods except at the moment!) and post other old photos of the project from 2013 and 2014, but it’s not looking like I’ll get to stay here long enough to have the 3rd surgery and recover sufficiently to ever get back to this particular trail. Apologies for sounding pitiable, I am just very sad about it. If you’ve read this blog or seen The Gnomist from afar, you’ll understand the depth of that with full knowledge that I don’t post this lightly or for pity.

Farewell, my beloved woods. I take your acorns to foreign turf in hopes I can nurture a Kansas Oak far away. Thank you, everyone.


11 thoughts on “Now I Must Say Goodbye to The Forest

    • Thank you! Hopefully I’ll find more pictures to post here. This puts me in a very bad position, medically, but not much I can do about that and I feel the loss of my trail the most keenly of all.

  1. I am touched so deeply by this entire story…just reading of it for the first time today…I am overwhelmed by so many feelings about things I saw in the film…most of all, by your extraordinary generosity of heart…your empathy and love…your kindness and willingness to secretly give of yourself, seeking no applause or attention. I am a better person for knowing this small bit of your story…so thank you for sharing yourself with life at large, and me in particular. I send you love and light and prayers for your full recovery in every health issue that challenges you (or ever does in the future). You are an angel on this earth, (although you may not realize it)…you truly are. May God bless you beyond your wildest imaginings, as well as your wonderful sons who have certainly experienced the magic amidst the pain. I am honored to know of you and the Firefly Forest…SIncerely! I only wish it could have lasted forever in Overland Park so that others could continue to be touched by your tenderness….Wait…suddenly I am reminded that I would never have seen it if it were only in Kansas, it is a worldwide phenomenon now…and so, I will dry my tear stained eyes and realize that perhaps this season of change was necessary to come, in order that the whole world could know of the magical Firefly Forest that changes people from mere mortals into heartfully reconstructed believers?!! XOXO

    • Thank you. Nothing I did was in the film other than this blog….I just did everything else because I had no hope for myself and wanted others at least to have some. But don’t worry, people are continuing to carry it on.

  2. I wonder if anyone has the words to the poem lost and found Fire Fly Forest would appreciate this for my grandchildren thankyou

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