Request for Pics of Christmas Lights in Firefly Forest!

RackhamChristmasI heard from some on the trail today that there are some lovely lights set up throughout the woods, though I cannot currently get that far or onto hills, even with crutches to capture myself for the blog here. Keep sending some pictures my way! I’d love to post these new festive additions! Thanks to everyone out there keeping the magic alive, and thanks for the pictures being sent my way to post here, and thanks to the many people I saw out there this afternoon. I only made it about 20 yards or so, so it’s always nice to see some regulars on the trail, and meet some new people as well, all sharing tales still of the new additions up the hill and along the trail for the holidays. One said the Little Owl tree is decorated with lights, so I look forward to seeing some pictures of all of this and being able to share it here!

Have a lovely Christmas Eve, and a Merry Christmas everyone, and remember the spirit of kindness and giving just that much more this year. Remember how special this world is, how lucky and unique you are, every step you take, every breath you breathe. Heal the hurts, make sure someone else knows they’re special, let someone know how much they mean to you; help the lonely to feel less so. Do what you can, and never worry that it’s not good enough. It’s always good enough, because you’re always good enough. Have a beautiful holiday season, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Request for Pics of Christmas Lights in Firefly Forest!

  1. I watched the short film. Really inspiring. I was just speechless, my eyes were full of water. And this shows me , there is still humanity exist in this world. Little owl allie, when ever i will hear owl’s sound , I’ll remember yu. God bless your parents and the lady , who did so wonderful job.

    • Thanks for the reply, you should let them know how much you loved the film over at their site as well, as this blog is just me watching over my woods and posting what I can, film included. A lot of very special people involved, and I’d hate for them to miss out on your kind words.

      There still is kindness in this world, and we all must try our best to practice it every day. I’m so glad you visited here, please comment any time, feel free to look at all the posts and links to the pictures, and never hesitate to leave me a picture or link of something you’ve found of kindness and beauty in this big world of ours. Let the others know, too, and thanks for being here today, Hassan!

  2. I found this story this morning and feel so touched by it. Thank you for keeping the magic alive. Such a wonderful message: We can all create magic to make a difference in the world.
    Much love ~ Karen

  3. You should go check out the trail tones of stuff has been added!!!! It’s so cute!!! To one fellow watcher to another:) it’s awesome it put a smile on my face this morning:)

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