Once Upon a Time in Overland Park…. (a thank you)

…..something beautiful and inspiring happened that healed hearts, brightened spirits and brought a kinder face to the world we live in. Like all good stories, there is always an ending. In this case, I was hoping that (in case the person or people responsible for Firefly Forest are stopping by and reading this site) my fellow Friends of Hollow Tree Lane would leave some words of thanks to those who gave us this remarkable gift.

Please let them know how much this project of theirs meant to you, and any other thoughts you might have about your experiences with Firefly Forest in the comments here, if you would. No one ever asked for recognition for this lovely art, nor for accolades. I’m sure they got plenty of personal notes at the tree message board when it was there, but for anyone who never got a chance to express their feelings or gratitude, I can at least offer this public space for people to do so. I think a big round of applause is in order, and some Friends of Firefly Forest gratitude.

Thank you creators of the project, and thank you readers, it was rather special to get to see that something that meant so much to me meant so much to so many others out there.



7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Overland Park…. (a thank you)

  1. My girls and I just visited firefly forest for the first time last week and it was magical. We were so excited to spend our summer checking back in on this little piece of a fairy tale. We were sad to hear that the houses are no more, but we thank those that allowed us the chance to experience the magic! What a great project!

  2. Sad to say that I just today was made aware of The Firefly Forest and was looking forward to seeing it in the near future. Imagine my disappointment on reading on the same day that it is no more!

  3. Why it was created, and now removed, remains a mystery but one thing’s for sure: there was more than one story in that wonderful little village. Whoever built it needed to share something, and I suspect that most of us who witnessed dead, hollowed-out trees morphing into a magical, living community speculated about what the creator was trying to tell us. Some of us added notes and/or trinkets, and most added our own story lines.

    What Firefly Forest meant to the creator may never be known, but each of us who witnessed any part of it knows exactly what it meant to us. I didn’t see it very many times as some habitual runners, walkers, and cyclists did, but even I feel an emptiness since the community was disassembled and taken away. Once I learned of its existence, I felt that somehow there was, right down the road from me, a place where life was simple, everyone was happy, and where I could sneak a peek into that world whenever I needed to feel better.

    With the sudden departure of the wonderful little town, I feel like I read the only copy of a book whose final chapter is missing, or watched a movie for which the final scene was never shot. I want to know the beginning. I want to know the ending. I want to know the heart of the person who gave such a beautiful gift to so many people he/she will never even meet.

    To the creator: Thank you for Firefly Forest. Whatever your story is, I wish you and your family the happiest of lives. You have a beautiful soul and your generosity in sharing it with this community was a beautiful gift. The news station reported this week that you have moved away, and although I’m sad that the village is gone, I understand you not wanting to leave it here. After all, who would care for, respect, maintain and love it as much as you? Wherever you have gone, I know you will share something wonderful with your new community. You may reassemble this, or create a new fairy village, but know that “Firefly Forest” will forever exist on Tomahawk Trail in south Overland Park, KS, regardless of the fact that the homes are no longer there. Many, many of us loved it, too. I wish you safe travels, great health and true happiness wherever you go.

  4. My daughter and I visited several times. We even ventured back to visit in the deep snow to check on the fairies. What wonderful memories. Thank you. We were sad to see the fairies had all moved.

  5. I live some 1,500 miles away from the Firefly Forest so I never had the opportunity to visit it in person. My discovery and enjoyment of it all came via this blog and it’s author. Usually I’m a fairly cynical, grumpy and gruff old man. But after seeing the Forest I confess myself to be absolutely charmed, delighted and inspired. I think that sharing something positive and hopeful with the world is a beautiful thing. To do so anonymously, seeking nothing in return is incredibly generous. I’m sorry to see the Forest go but still grateful that it was created and that I got got to enjoy it. To it’s creator, Thank You!

  6. I heard about it on NPR and within minutes of getting home watched the Gnomist video. Brought me to tears first time, the second time showing it to my 6 year old son, and just thinking about it now. I hope you finally get to live in one place you like for a long time.

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