The Houses Are Gone…..

Apologies, I couldn’t get the mobile posts to go through. I went to see for myself, encountering many saddened people, as all of the houses are gone, with only stars remaining in their places. I do not know if they are coming back or not, just that they are gone from the trail, and that the Firefly Forest is no more at this point.

The former house sites behind Deanna Rose:




2 thoughts on “The Houses Are Gone…..

  1. We were going to go see Firefly Forest today and saw that it was gone. We are so sad. Does anyone know what happened to it? Was it vandalized? Did the city remove it? I am so sad we missed this magical place. It sounded absolutely enchanting and inspiring! Let us know if it ever shows up again.

  2. We are so disappointed! Our family has been looking forward to visiting firefly forest since we learned we were moving here inApril. It is one piece of magic that helped us decide to move here. We were planning to go today! Hope the magic returns!

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