Temporary Disaster at 12 Hollow Tree Lane

Regulars to the trail were delighted with the appearance of 12 Hollow Tree Lane, back in late Summer/early Fall 2013, but the delight was followed within a day with stunned disbelief at its disappearance. Stunned runners removed their headphones to mill about and discuss theories and express general dismay. 

Fear was quelled a bit by the appearance of a WEMA tent:Image

I mean, at least there is a Woodland Temporary Management Agency! But fear was at an all time high with the added appearance of missing flyers. Those are never good, but for an entire dwelling?











Luckily, it wasn’t long before 12 Hollow Tree Lane was returned to its former lot, in the same condition as it had vanished in. All was well with the residents and resident trail devotees of Hollow Tree Lane once again, and the residents of #12 could finally get to all of those moving boxes.Imageos



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